About Saliba Fruits

Saliba Fruits are growers, packers and distributors of apples. For over 40 years this family owned and run business has produced some of Australia’s finest quality produce from the Bilpin district. The farm first began from humble origins when five migrant brothers purchased 50 acres and established the orchard. The Saliba brothers ran the orchard as a second job, building a future for their families in Australia. Over time, the farm became the family focus with all time and effort put into ensuring the fruit was of the highest standard.

The business became the family foundation with many brothers, sisters and cousins working side by side. After 12 years the brothers decided to pursue other ventures. The property was bought by second eldest brother Colin. With the help of his eldest son Joe, and with other sons Ray and John, Colin was able to continue the family business. Eventually Colin retired and Ray and John left the business. Eldest son Joe and wife Lilly bought the farm and are now the sole owners and operators. In the last 25 years, Joe and Lilly have developed the orchard to be one of Sydney’s best quality harvests. Today Saliba Fruits is synonymous with consistent, delicious fruit.